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Individual Select Preferred Dental

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Individual Select Preferred Dental

Note: The information below briefly describes important features about this health care program. It is not a contract. A detailed description of benefits is included in the Evidence of Coverage. Please refer to the Evidence of Coverage for specific terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions.

Individual Select Preferred Dental offers coverage of routine dental services, with your choice of over 3,800 participating providers.

  • Network of over 3,800 dental providers throughout Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia.
  • Preventive and diagnostic dental services, including examinations, cleanings, and X-rays, are covered in full when visiting a participating provider.
  • Coverage is also available for routine treatment from non-participating providers. If out-of-network care is received, claim forms must be filed and higher out-of-pocket expenses may be incurred.
Additional Features
  • No claim forms to file when receiving care from a participating dentist.
  • No annual deductibles to meet.
  • No referrals are required to receive care under this plan.
How to Use Benefits

1. When Using Individual Select Preferred Dental Providers:

  • You can locate an Individual Select Preferred dental provider by reviewing the Individual Select Preferred directory in the Find a Provider section of this website.
  • You should verify with the provider's office that they are participating.
  • You must show your Individual Select Preferred member ID card to the participating dental provider at the time of service.
  • There are no claim forms to file and no balance billing. Preventive and diagnostic services will be covered in full when visiting an Individual Select Preferred dentist.

2. When Using Non-Participating Providers:

  • If you visit a dentist for preventive and diagnostic services who does not participate in the Individual Select Preferred network, you may be subject to higher out-of-pocket costs and be balance billed up to the provider's full charges.
  • A claim form must be submitted to CareFirst for reimbursement up to the CareFirst Allowed Benefit.

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For more information about this plan, please contact Dental Member Services at 888-833-8464.