CareFirst BlueChoice Discount Dental Program - Frequently Asked Questions


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General Information

Answer: CareFirst BlueChoice’s Discount Dental program entitles any CareFirst BlueChoice members to receive 20%-40% off most dental procedures.
Answer: With dental insurance, there is often a limit on the amount of coverage per calendar year. There is no such limit when using your discount plan; members simply pay the discounted rate at the time of service. In addition, since this is not insurance coverage, there are no insurance claims to file.
Answer: Although the Discount Dental program can work well as your only policy, you may also find it valuable if you already have dental insurance. Many dental insurance programs have a maximum benefit limit set per year. The Discount Dental program provides a nice safety net should you exceed your dollar limit and still require dental work.
Answer: The primary purpose of the Discount Dental program is to reduce the cost of care for those members who are not currently enrolled in a dental insurance plan or have exceeded their annual maximum coverage. Dental insurance normally provides a much greater level of coverage. However, depending on your needs, the Discount Dental program may be a welcome supplement to your annual dental plan.
Answer: Because the Discount Dental program is merely a discount program and not actually insurance, there is no coordination of benefits necessary.
Answer: Discounts normally range between 20% and 40% of the price a provider would normally charge you for these services. View the Discount Dental Plan Fee Schedule.
Answer: CareFirst BlueChoice’s Discount Dental program has over 700 participating dentists and specialists in Maryland, Washington DC and northern Virginia. Please use our Find a Doctor tool to find a dentist near you.

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