Proof of Coverage Frequently Asked Questions


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General Information

Answer: The Affordable Care Act (known as the health care reform law) requires health insurance companies, such as CareFirst, to file an annual report with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with the Tax Identification Number (TIN) for every individual covered under our insurance plans. TINs are typically Social Security Numbers. CareFirst must also send an IRS Form 1095-B to each policy subscriber, which is an important tax document that can be used as proof of coverage when you file your federal income tax return. CareFirst is asking for your TIN and the TIN of those individuals covered under your health insurance policy because we do not currently have this information to report to the IRS and to include on your Form 1095-B.
Answer: The information that CareFirst reports to the IRS will be used to verify that you and any dependents on your policy have been covered by health insurance meeting certain minimum benefit requirements, known as Minimum Essential Coverage, for the prior calendar year. Generally, Minimum Essential Coverage includes all Government and job-based insurance and most private insurance, including CareFirst. Individuals who do not have a health insurance policy meeting Minimum Essential Coverage requirements in any given calendar year may incur tax penalties when they file their tax return for that year.
Answer: If you do not provide your TIN, CareFirst is permitted to report the coverage with a date of birth in lieu of a TIN. The information received by the IRS will be used to verify information on your individual tax return. If the information you provide on your tax return cannot be verified, you may receive an inquiry from the IRS and could be charged a penalty by the IRS. For additional information, please contact a tax professional or contact the IRS.
Answer: Please provide the TIN for all individuals covered under your health insurance plan.
Answer: If you purchase your insurance directly from CareFirst: If you receive a request from CareFirst for your TIN, please log in to My Account to submit it through our secure website. You may also use the TIN collection form enclosed with your notice from CareFirst.

If you get insurance through your employer: If you receive a notice from CareFirst, please complete the enclosed form and mail it in the return envelope provided. You can also contact your benefits representative in HR or your group administrator to verify or provide TIN information. In this case, your employer will provide CareFirst with your updated information.
Answer: No. CareFirst will not accept updated TIN information over the phone.
Answer: Give us a call. We can answer any questions and confirm if the request is legitimate. Member Services can be reached using the number on the back of your ID card.
Answer: Visit the IRS question and answer page for more information.

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