Check Doctor Credentials

This page contains links to other websites that offer information about doctors, such as membership in professional organizations, education, training and licenses.

American Medical Association (AMA)
The AMA's "DoctorFinder" website allows you to search for physician information by name, medical specialty or by location and whether he or she is an AMA member. If the physician is an AMA member, you can get additional information, such as the physician’s:

    • Gender
    • Specialty
    • Board status
    • Medical school
    • Residency training

American Psychological Association (APA)
Find out if a psychologist belongs to the APA by:

  • Telephone: Call 800-964-2000 and a Customer Service Representative will provide you with the phone number of the APA referral system in your area.
  • Online: Visit the APA Practice Organization's "Find a Psychiatrist" website at

District of Columbia Department of Health
Find out if a physician has a current license by:

Maryland Board of Physicians
The Maryland Board of Physicians provides license numbers, addresses and information on whether there are any sanctions against physicians.

The Maryland State Medical Society
The Maryland State Medical Society website allows you to search for information by name, medical specialty or by city. If the physician is a member of MedChi, you can also find information on the physician's gender, specialty and Board status, medical school, residency training and any social media accounts. To use the tool, select "Resources," then "Find a Physician".

Virginia Board of Medicine
The Virginia Department of Health Professionals offer a "License Lookup" tool that allows you to review the status of health care professionals.