Virtual Connect

woman having virtual doctor appointment If you have one of our health plans with Virtual Connect*, you have access to $0 primary care and mental health visits through CloseKnit, CareFirst’s virtual-first primary care practice.

Virtual Connect does not replace any existing Primary Care Provider (PCP), mental health or virtual care benefits you may already have – it’s another option for affordable, quality care.

What is CloseKnit?

CloseKnit is a virtual-first primary care practice in the CareFirst network that provides access to complete patient care, with immediate availability for appointments. Members ages 18 and older can access virtual care 24/7/365 from all 50 states and Washington, D.C. and easily chat with a provider through the CloseKnit app.

Through CloseKnit, you’ll have access to a dedicated care team that can treat most illnesses virtually or refer you to local, in-person care if needed. With CloseKnit, your care is personalized, and you can even choose CloseKnit as your primary care provider (PCP) through My Account.

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* Virtual Connect is included in some CareFirst fully insured medical plans. Please refer to your contract for benefit eligibility and full details. CloseKnit offers services to members ages 18 and older. Members with an HSA-qualified plan will pay $0 after meeting the deductible.

CloseKnit is a registered Trademark owned by, and is the trade name of, Atlas Health, LLC. Atlas Health, LLC d/b/a CloseKnit does not provide Blue Cross Blue Shield products or services and is providing telehealth services to CareFirst members.