Are Opioids Safe?

Imagine you’ve just had a medical or dental procedure, and on your way out, you’re presented with a prescription for an opioid? Do you take it—even for a brief period?

Prescription opioids are highly addictive. They can help manage short-term pain after a surgery or injury, but they may not work as well to manage chronic pain long-term. Plus, after taking opioids for just five days, the likelihood of developing a dependency increases significantly, along with the risk of addiction or overdose.

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If opioids are still the best course of treatment for your pain, then follow these guidelines:

  • Always take your medication exactly as instructed by your doctor
  • Never share your opioids with others
  • Avoid alcohol and certain drugs that may interact with your opioids
  • Review your medication list with your doctor or pharmacist
  • Follow up regularly with your doctor
  • Store opioids in a secure place and lock them up, if possible

Find a disposal site for unused medications.