Behavioral Health Care Coordination

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If you are living with a mental health condition such as depression, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety or addiction, help is available. Your CareFirst benefits may include access to confidential care coordination support. Learn more about these and other mental health conditions.

One-On-One Support

When mental health difficulties arise for you or a loved one, remember you are not alone. Help is available and feeling better is possible. We can help you find the right provider or if you need additional support, our specialty- trained and licensed behavioral health care coordinators can:

  • Help you find the right mental health provider(s) for your individual needs and schedule appointments.
  • Explain your treatment options
  • Collaborate with your primary care provider (PCP)
  • Create an action plan tailored to your needs
  • Find support groups and other resources so you can stay on track

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Take the Call


You may receive a phone call from a behavioral health care coordinator from CareFirst who will provide confidential one-on-one support to help schedule appointments, explain treatment options, collaborate with doctors and identify additional resources.

If you choose to participate, all interactions are confidential between you and your provider(s). Call CareFirst at 800-245-7013.