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Linda W. Cropp Biography

Photo:Linda W.Cropp

Linda Cropp serves on the Board of CareFirst, Inc., to which she was elected in December 2011. She was elected Chairwoman of the CareFirst, Inc. Board effective January 2013. She served on the Board of Group Hospitalization and Medical Services, Inc. from December 2006 to December 2011.

Linda Washington Cropp served as a public servant for three decades. After receiving her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Howard University, Cropp began her career with D.C. public schools, first as a teacher and then as a guidance counselor. In 1980, she was elected to the D.C. Board of Education, serving as the Board’s vice president and president.

In 1990, Cropp was elected as an at-large member to the Council of the District of Columbia. She served as the council’s representative to the Board of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, where she chaired the Budget Committee and played a major role in the expansion of the Metro Rail system. In 1992, Cropp chaired the council’s Committee on Human Services. Under her oversight, the D.C. Department of Health was created. The reorganized agency focused on health care priorities, including controlling substance abuse, reducing infant mortality, eradicating tuberculosis, and fighting HIV/AIDS.

The substantial and broad legislative history of Linda Cropp improved the social welfare of many citizens. She guided countless acts through the legislative process and oversaw reform in the District. These reforms had a positive impact on human welfare, health, economic development and the quality of life in the District. Council colleagues chose her as acting chairman in April 1997. After winning a special election, she was sworn in August 1997 as the first woman to chair the Council of the District of Columbia. In 1998, District voters re-elected her to a full four-year term as council chair. She was re-elected council chairman in 2002.

As chairman, Cropp was the guiding force in the District government’s return to and renovation of the John A. Wilson building, the historic home of the city’s mayor and council. Her role in the renaissance of Washington is recognized and applauded by many. Balanced budgets, positive financial outlooks, businesses and people moving back to the city and revitalized neighborhoods were achieved during Cropp’s tenure. Ms. Cropp has been recognized and honored as one of the most effective and outstanding Chairmen in the District. Under Cropp’s leadership, the council improved its use of technology, enabling citizens greater access and opportunity to participate in the legislative process. The public can now review bills, laws and council hearings on the Web. Cropp set and achieved a goal to make the council an equal branch of the District government.

Cropp has been the recipient of many honors, including four honorary Doctor of Law and Humane Letters and Public Service degrees. She serves on several boards and is a member of many professional, civic and social organizations. Ms. Cropp lives in Washington, D.C.