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Drug Coverage

Your Guide to Your Prescription Drug Plan

Many health issues are managed through medication, so a well-designed prescription drug plan is critical to your overall health. Our drug plans give you a safe, convenient and affordable way to make the best decisions when it comes to your prescriptions.

Click these links for information to help you better understand your prescription drug plan.

Key Benefits
Find out what benefits come with a CareFirst prescription drug plan
How Drugs Are Categorized
Learn how prescription drugs are categorized in the CareFirst Formulary (drug list)
Drug Search
Find out if your drug(s) are covered, find out what tier or category a drug falls under, find out if any restrictions apply and view information specific to the CareFirst formulary (drug list)
Managing Your Drug Benefits
Learn about care management programs and tools designed to help improve your overall heath and lower your health care costs
Ways to Save
Find out how you can save through generics, mail order, maintenance medications and making use of preferred brands
Tools That Put You In Control
Use these tools to find a pharmacy, find information about a drug, check drug interactions, find out what drugs have been recalled, etc.