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News & Resources


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Reform Resources

Key Resources

The following are some key resources to help you understand Health Care Reform and its impact on you.

  • Health Care Reform Reference Guide– This detailed guide from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association provides a wealth of information for individuals, small and large employers and more.
  • AskBlue Interactive Video – Watch a brief, interactive video on health care reform and how it may affect you.
  • Health Reform Timeline  – Want to know what happens when? The Kaiser Family Foundation — a leading independent source of health policy information and analysis — has a step by step timeline.
  • Key Health Reform Terms – Lost in the alphabet soup and complex language of health reform? Review this complete glossary.
  • Health Reform on Main Street – There’s no doubt health reform is complex, but this simple entertaining video narrated by respected journalist Cokie Roberts boils it down to its simplest terms.
  • Health Care Costs– Who isn’t concerned about the cost of health care? Here’s a look at what drives health care costs – and how they impact you.
  • Subsidy Calculator– A simple, straightforward tool for learning if you’ll receive a government subsidy on your health insurance.

Additional Resources

Several organizations and government agencies provide information about federal health care reform. The materials listed here were not produced by CareFirst.

Please use these resources as a general reference because they may not address questions that are specific to your state, your health plan or personal circumstances.

Government Agencies

Federal Health Care Reform Web Site

Learn about your coverage options, as well as get easy access to a wide variety of information about health insurance, wellness programs, hospital quality data and health care reform.

Maryland Health Care Reform Coordinating Council
Internal Revenue Service-HSA

Frequently asked questions about how the Affordable Care Act impacts health savings accounts (HSAs), other medical spending/reimbursement accounts and out-of-pocket expenses like medications.

Other Resources

Health Reform: The First Six Months

Consumers Union has revamped the content on its Consumer Reports Health page to include this guide to health care reform.

Kaiser Reform Summary

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), which has closely tracked the federal health care reform legislative process over the past two years, has produced a section-by-section summary of the new law that you may find useful in understanding the law’s various provisions.

Health Care Reform Summary Timeline

CareFirst is a member of the America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), which has produced a number of publications useful in better understanding the new health care reforms, including this timeline for implementation of the new law.