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How Health Reform Impacts You

You Have Medicare

You Have Medicare

Many of the changes to Medicare brought about by the ACA are already in place, or will begin taking effect in 2014, including:

  • No-cost coverage for many preventive care services
  • Phasing down the coinsurance rate in Medicare Part D to 25% by 2020
  • Reducing the out-of-pocket amount that qualifies for catastrophic coverage
  • Limiting some unnecessary cost increases
  • Rewarding primary care physicians and general surgeons who practice in shortage areas, possibly increasing your access to more doctors
  • Rewarding hospitals whose Medicare spending is the lowest
  • Designing programs to bundle certain providers’ services in an attempt to reduce health care spending without reducing the quality of care

There are other aspects of Medicare that are impacted by the ACA, but few directly affect your Medicare coverage. Medicare Supplemental insurance plans will not be affected at all.