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Managing Health Care Costs

Cost of Prescription Drugs

Drug Pricing Tool

Researching your prescription costs may help you plan your medical spending.

  • Drug Pricing Tool - Allows members with most prescription plans to check prescription costs. Using this tool is simple. You need to know the drug name, prescribed dosage and a pharmacy near you. In seconds, you will know how much you have to pay. Click to access the Drug Pricing Tool.

Note: If you have not reached your deductible, your cost will be the CareFirst discounted drug cost. If you are in a managed care plan or have already met your deductible, you will pay your copay or coinsurance amount.

Understanding when to use generic drugs may save you 20%-80% on your prescription costs.

  • Generic Drug Information - We have detailed information on the cost differences between brand-name and generic drugs, facts about generic drugs, and what we are doing as an insurance company to reduce prescription costs for you.