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CareFirst Medical Health Insurance Plans

Not all summaries are currently available online. For additional information, contact your HR benefits representative, call Member Services at the number on your member ID card or refer to your Evidence of Coverage.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

Magellan Mental Health

If your Mental Health benefits are managed by Magellan, the following documents will help you understand how Magellan determines the most appropriate treatment plan for various types of conditions:

Magellan Medical Necessity Criteria 
Maryland Medical Necessity Criteria for Residential Crisis Services

Special Notice: The statute below for Members applies to any Maryland BlueChoice Plan obtained through an employer with 50 or fewer employees. If you have questions, please contact your Benefits Office or call the Member Services number located on your Member ID Card.

Maryland Small Group Statute - Employer Notice

In order to qualify for small group coverage under MD law, a small employer must agree to offer coverage to any dependent of an eligible employee when coverage is sought by the eligible employee. Under Maryland law a small employer is not required to contribute to the premium payments for coverage of a dependent of an eligible employee.