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Rite-Aid Pharmacies Participating in Medical Network to Administer Vaccines

August 19, 2013 - To help minimize the out-of-pocket costs associated with receiving the flu, shingles and pneumonia vaccines, you can obtain these three vaccines from your local Rite Aid Pharmacy as an in-network medical benefit as of July 15, 2013.

How coverage for flu, shingles and pneumonia works

You will be responsible for any applicable copayments or deductibles in accordance with your benefit plan when you receive these vaccines in the following settings:

  • Office Visits: Physicians will submit claims according to your benefit plan for vaccines administered in their office.
  • Retail Pharmacies that Participate in CareFirst’s Medical Network: Rite Aid pharmacists will submit claims according to your medical benefit plan.
  • Retail Pharmacies/Retail Clinics Not Participating in CareFirst’s Medical Network: You will be responsible for submitting a medical claim form, along with an itemized receipt that includes the cost of the drug and the administration fee. You may be asked to pay the full price of the vaccine(s) at the time of service.

Vaccine Information

Check with your physician or primary care provider if you have questions about whether to receive a vaccine, as there may be age and condition restrictions.