Latest Online Security Bug No Threat to CareFirst

Company has firewalls, other protections to guard against recently discovered ‘Heartbleed’ bug

Baltimore, MD (April 11, 2014) - CareFirst members — by now, with the extensive media coverage, we imagine you have heard about the latest online security threat known as the Heartbleed bug. A bug that gets through a company’s online security system and can expose protected data.

You can relax. Your personal health insurance information with CareFirst is safe from this bug.

Our Information Security team confirms that your personal claim information, member ID cards and other private health insurance data is safe because it is stored securely behind the company’s Internet firewalls and intrusion prevention software, and is monitored for security regularly.

"After analyzing the many layers of protection we already use for detecting and blocking attacks like this, we’re confident we have this one under control," said Don Horn, CareFirst’s Director of Information Security. "Our systems are protected against this vulnerability."

However, other websites that you may visit for shopping, online banking and social networking may be at risk. You will want to check with those company’s respectively on their security measures. And if appropriate, log out of those sites and then change your password before logging in again.

If you have additionally questions about how the Heartbleed bug could affect your CareFirst account, you may send us your contact information and concern via and someone from our Information Security team will reach out to you.