Behavioral Health Digital Resource

We all need help now and then. It’s perfectly normal to feel stressed, anxious or not quite yourself. Millions of people do, and if you’re among them—you’re not alone. More importantly, we want to help.

The CareFirst Behavioral Health Digital Resource, together with 7 Cups of Tea* (7 Cups), the world’s largest behavioral health support system, can help you get the emotional care you need, when you need it, 24/7 at no cost to you.

  • Talk with someone who understands—Access over 430,000 trained, active listeners who, unlike family or friends, don't try to solve problems—they just listen. Through chat-based messaging, you can talk one-on-one about any issues, big or small, whatever's in your heart. Support is available in more than 140 languages.
  • Connect with a licensed therapist**—A CareFirst behavioral health care manager can help you make an appointment with an in-network provider.
  • Join a support forum—Be part of a large, accepting community working together to provide a supportive and understanding forum through online discussion boards, specific group chats and moderated chat rooms.
  • Learn new coping skills—Take small, simple steps to transform your life. Over 35 growth paths teach valuable skills on various topics, including overcoming depression, financial freedom, getting through breakups, grieving, work stress and more.

The help you need is waiting.

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*7 Cups is an independent company that does not provide Blue Cross Blue Shield products or services.

**Standard medical benefits apply.

Currently, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and FEP members aren't eligible for this service.