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Help Reduce Health Care Costs While Going Green.

Go Electronic - Go Paperless!

Millions of paper pages are mailed to our members each year. Consenting to receive electronic communications from CareFirst is a great way to help reduce the use of paper, and in turn, reduce health care costs and protect our environment.

As a Member, you can select the preference of electronic communications when you register for My Account access, or at any time by logging into My Account, going to "My Profile" in the top navigation, and clicking on the "Electronic Consent" tab.

With electronic consent, you will receive electronic notices via e-mail instead of paper notices regarding your CareFirst health care coverage.

Electronic communications include, but are not limited to:

  • Explanation of Benefits alerts
  • Appeal decision alerts
  • Notice of HIPAA Privacy Practices
  • Certification of Credible Coverage
  • And more!
And with access to My Account, you can view personalized health plan information, at your convenience. Including:

  • Search in-network physicians
  • Check claims & deductibles
  • See who's covered and what's covered
  • Certification of Credible Coverage
  • View explanation of benefits
You can make a difference in reducing health care costs and helping to save the environment - one step at a time.

Go Green - Go Electronic!

Log into My Account, or register today for My Account and consent to electronic communications. It's just that easy!

980,824 Registered Members

Electronic Communications - Offers Peace of Mind and Convenience

You can:

  • Print Explanation of Benefits (EOB's) and other information securely
  • Access your personal information at your convenience, privately
  • Reduce paper waste
  • No "external" advertisements/solicitations when you consent to electronic communications
Go Green Go Paperless